dancing rabbit vodka
2075 Parade
Laconia, NH

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Dancing Rabbit Vodka is made from a fermented blend of apples and corn, then distilled in a 12 plate column still at 2075 Parade Rd, Laconia NH. It is tempered with reverse osmosis filtered water from our 650 foot deep artesian well. Before bottling, the vodka is dual filtered and finished through citrine and quartz crystals.

Dancing Rabbit Vodka can be purchased at the distillery:

Check back here for a growing list of locations where you can purchase and enjoy Dancing Rabbit. Visit any of these restaurants, bars, or breweries on Thursdays at 6PM wearing Dancing Rabbit Gear and your tab may get paid. Details

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Enjoy the Dancing Rabbit holiday greeting video!

Happy to support the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. Ecstatic that during the 2020 auction our Dancing Rabbit Vodka fans bid an autographed bottle and custom gift bag up to $2400! Cheers to all of you and to the great work the GLRCA does on behalf of local children!