dancing rabbit vodka
2075 Parade
Laconia, NH
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Ray was two years old when his Latvian immigrant father gave him his first taste of vodka. Legend has it he went into a jovial state and immediately started dancing around the room. That was back in 1960 and there have been thousands of reasons for Ray to partake in another sip of vodka every sense. With a significant amount of his life spent in the Restaurant industry a nice Vodka was always within reach to sip in celebration or sip in aggrivation.

In 2013, while at the helm of a Tavern in Laconia New Hampshire, Ray learned that a vodka from Texas he was selling, was rapidly emerging as the vodka of choice for the masses. After a little research Ray learned that the company had been fined twice by the EPA for dumping its waiste water in the river in Auston. Aware that distillery waiste water is the most acidic industrial waiste water known to man, this negligence infuriated Ray and inspired him to replace the national recognized brand with Ice Pik vodka, a lesser known New Hampshire made product. It was right around that time that a little voice started germinating in the back of Ray's mind. By 2018 that voice was screaming "make your own vodka" and Ray started taking action

Pursuit of such an undertaking is not in any way a easy or rapid process. A zoning variance from the city would be needed, as well as a federal permit and state license, but first and foremost. the approval of his miraculous, magnificent, and magical wife. Relentless in pursuit Ray methodically moved forward with ambition to create and sell vodka under the name of "Bottle Love".

March of 2020 presented Ray (along with the entire world) a new obstacle. His very successful Tavern was sent into a dormant state due to a pandemic. After 90 days without a dinner guest, Ray sat in frustration alone infront of the fireplace, drinking, in his Tavern. The news from the left as well as the news from the right were reporting on a global virus that was lethal to the old, the frail, and obese. Ray was aggravated that there was no message being promoted to encourage people to get healthier, in turn creating a defence against the virus as it cicled back in the fall. During another sip of his drink it occurs too him that Dancing is an activity that is fun, and exercise for both body and respiratory. At that moment Ray decided he was to use his Vodka to start a movment to get people dancing. He understood that along he would be viewd as a fool and therefore need help from another. Cautious of threats from cancel culture Ray thumbed through the list of mammals hopeing to select a sidekick that would not be labeled offensive. When rabbit came to minde, he made his decision and from that moment was born; Dancing Rabbit a small. batch vodka currently enjoyed around the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and beyond.

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