dancing rabbit vodka
2075 Parade
Laconia, NH
Where to buy
Wear our gear and eat for free!

Every Thursday , at 6PM sharp a Damcing Rabbit Distillery, representative visits, a restaurant, or bar that serves Dancing Rabbit Vodka. There is a progressive pot that starts at $50. The representative, a.k.a. "gear spotter" will pay up to $50 of the tab for the first person spotted wearing Dancing Rabbit gear. If the spotted person's tab is less than $50, the remainder will be carried over to the following week and increased by an additional $50. If the gear spotter selects a restaurant or bar that does not have a customer in attendance dressed in Dancing Rabbit gear, the award amount is increased by $50 each week until the amount exceeds $300. Note.; the awarded amount is limited to the total of an individuals tab when spotted. Should a winner's tab is less than the award amount, the tab amount will be the awarded amount and will be subtracted from the overall total award amount, with the balance carried forward to the following week.

When the award amount exceeds $300, hints to the name of the location will be posted on the Dancing Rabbit, Distillery, Facebook page then every customer in the chosen location spotted in Dancing Rabbit gear will be entitled to a equal parts of the overall total award amount. The total award will be divided by the total number of customers in gear. Each customer will be entitled to up to that amount towards their tab. If their tab is less than their share of the overall total award amount, the remainder will be carried over to the following week.

A customer is not required to have Dancing Rabbit Vodka on their tab to win.

Employees of the host location are not eligible.

Our gear is available for purchase at the distillery or Tavern 27 in Laconia.

Contestants must be present at location before 6 PM and it is only the amount of their tab at 6 PM that applies. So get the drinks and appetizers ordered well before six. Happy Barhopping.

Where to dine to participate.